About Us

For over 60 years, H&W Foodservice has provided products and services to the Hawaii foodservice and retail marketplace. As a distributor, manufacturer, and logistical agent in Hawaii, we have experience in all facets of our marketplace. Over the years, technologies and processes change; our core commitment to our customers never has. H&W Foodservice… Bringing Hawaii’s Favorite Food to You!

Our Team

We are proud to introduce the H&W Foodservice Executive Management Team. Our team’s combination of direct foodservice experience, outside business experience, and overall management experience places our team among the highest functioning and most efficient and effective team around. Whereas the company is much more than just our management team, our team is optimal for our current and future strategic goals. The Management Team consists of the CEO, General Manager, VP of Purchasing, VP of Operations. Together, these four lead all H&W Foodservice teams in our continuous effort to Bring Hawaii’s Favorite Food to You!